Me Us We World

Last week’s inaugural TEDxGrandRapids event was excellent.  Our all-volunteer staff did a wonderful job of creating a TED-style experience here in West Michigan.  The feedback from attendees, speakers, and sponsors has been positive.  I am hearing stories that attendees took their inspiration back to families, work, schools and neighborhoods.  Exactly how that’s supposed to work! […]

Suffering and Human Needs

Today is my day of life.  Here is an excerpt from my book in progress, “The Good Economyâ„¢:  Global Prosperity through Technology, Spirituality and Commerce. Let me know what you think. ~Steve The quality of our lives improves when suffering is diminished and happiness blooms for ourselves and others.   Increasing happiness and decreasing suffering is […]

My 17,000th Day of Life

Every moment of life is an opportunity to find gratitude in the material world that surrounds us and in the infinite landscape of our minds. Gratitude is for us to seek, find, and create. It is not something that we should wait for; rather it should be actively pursued and invented.