I help good people do well by doing good business. The results speak for themselves.

UPDATE: Now you can have my strategy services for less than an entry level employee. For fast results consider my “Strategist-in-a-box” service below or contact me about customized coaching and consulting services.

Strategist-in-a-Box $2950

Does your project/team/manager need just a little extra help?

My Strategist-in-a-Box program lets you get more done with less. This service combines a little of all my services (mentoring, leadership, problem solving and executive management) for a a minimal monthly fee.

I work hard and fast. A little of me goes a long way to put a project, team, or employee on track to success. Or maybe, as the business owner, you need an extra set of C-Level hands by your side, but only for a dozen hours per month. I do that too.

Contact me and we can schedule a free phone consultation.

Mentoring Intervention

Do you need problems solved right now? Mentoring is the solution for you.

The mentoring intervention provides fast results. It focuses on producing real solutions as quickly and cheaply as possible. It begins by me visiting your location for two full weeks of collaborative work. Our two week goal is to immediately integrate me into your executive team and the systems of your business so that I can grok your situation.

At the end of the two weeks, we will co-create a customized schedule for ongoing consulting that fits the rhythm of your management style. The mentoring interactions that follow can be phone based, in person at your location, or include travel to any number of locations. Our focus will be doing whatever it takes to create solutions for your business.

I prefer that every mentoring intervention is completed within six months. Contact me for rates.

Contact me for more details.

Project Leadership/Interim Executive

I enjoy short-term interim C-level positions lasting six months to two years. I have worked as both an interim CEO and Chief Strategist for both non-profit and for-profit companies. These days I look for projects that are designed to have positive social impact and find myself particularly partial to for-profit social entrepreneurship opportunities. I enjoy the process of raising funds from private investors.

Contact me if you have project that might be a good fit for my talents.