Grand Rapids’ Food Deserts

If you read my post on Healing Muskegon, Michigan you learned about the USDA’s Food Desert Locator.

For those of you living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, here is a look at food deserts near you. These are the people that need your help getting access to healthy food. I just thought you should know that Muskegon isn’t the only community in West Michigan with food deserts.

Today is my 17,218th of life.

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  • Johnathan Smith

    Love the Idea, but sounds like some environmental issues could be looming for the next occupant’s
    Found this on a search…….

    MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM)- Wednesday the contents of the Sappi paper mill in Muskegon were sold off piece by piece. A company spokesperson Friday said the sale was a success, and that much of the equipment will end up at other manufacturing facilities around the country.

    The sales have raised questions in the lakeside neighborhood where the company operated for more than a century. The chief concern is what the future holds for the 100-plus acre waterfront site.

    Mayor Steve Warmington believes the site has great potential. Among the amenities, according to Warmington, are a deep water port, access to rail, an on-site power plant, and its mile of Muskegon Lake frontage.

    At this point the site has had some interest, but the future of the Sappi property is “uncertain” according to the mayor. Any future user may have to deal with unknown environmental issues possibly caused by Sappi or the company’s predecessor the S.D. Warren Company.