Praise for Steve Frazee

Trusted Advisor

Steve has been a trusted confidant and guide, with wisdom from experience. He’s helped me be a better leader, strategist, and human being. I feel a complete sense of freedom and confidence with him on the team as we take the company to the next level.

~Shawn Philips, CEO, Philips Performance Nutrition

Compassionate Leader

Steve Frazee is a force of nature, with qualities beautifully selected for the world of business and commerce. He’s compassionate and tough. Smart and wise. Deeply committed to the good, true, and beautiful in thought and action.

~Jeff Salzman, Co-Founder Career Track

Profit Producer

Steve helped us take our business to a whole new level! We were successful, but stuck. Steve’s insight, skill, technical expertise, and management acumen helped us create the processes that freed us up to have more fun, get more done, and make more profit!

~Bob Negen, Retail Expert, Author, and Speaker

Systems Thinker

Steve Frazee revels in complexity, turning chaos into productivity. He is a true systems thinker. He understands.

~Richard A Leach, Ph.D., Complete Genomics

Management Consultant

Steve brings a wide array of talents, experience, and expertise to his management consulting. He has a down-to-earth pragmatism, blended with a contagious aspirational attitude, that infused a whole new energy into our company within weeks.

~Anthony Moquin, Founder, Moquin Systems

Problem Solver

Steve Frazee always astounds me with his ability to combine creativity with sound logic and problem-solving in business, and life in general. He offers a unique mix of no-nonsense “get it done” and a careful and caring approach when dealing with issues that combine matters of both the heart and head.

~Jennifer Jurgens, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, MarketNet Services

Technology Consultant

Steve cuts through all the technological buzzwords, and focuses on how the most appropriate technology can be brought to bear on the clients actual problems. I’ve never seen him leave an engagement where the customer didn’t understand the business value of the solution he’d provided.”

~Gareth Powell, Ph.D, Author and Technology Consultant

Change Agent

Steve helped us deal with the issues of change and the interpersonal aspects of how we work together. We quickly saw a difference in our efficiency and clarity of roles. I highly recommend Steve to any organization or individual wishing to change and not knowing how, especially when the goal is to help the business grow beyond where the founder can take it.

~Linda V. Berens, Ph.D, Author and Organizational Consultant

Sustainability Champion

Steve Frazee understands the importance of a strong financial base when creating a truly sustainable business. Steve also realizes the value of creating happiness with every business.

~ Rich Fegley, Founder of Fegley’s Brew Works

Business Strategist

Steve’s models showed us what outcomes were possible, likely, or just a dream. The company that bought Atrana Solutions made their decision based on our Excel models.

~ Salah Boukadoum, CEO Soap Hope

Fund Raiser

Steve delivered hands-down the best funding pitch I’ve ever witnessed, and I see a lot of pitches! I’d recommend his services in a heartbeat.

~Brian Robertson, CEO Ternary Software

Decision Maker

Steve is truly an integral person. He integrates many perspectives in his thinking and decision-making. He has the most balanced decision-making approach that I have experienced in doing over 3,000 of these analyses.

~Steve Morris, Founder of Choiceworks

Transformational Visionary

Working with Steve has been transformational. His ability to gain insight and understand the bigger vision, while speaking in simple terms allowed us to see the new direction for our company. He has a natural ability to get to the heart of any situation with ease.

~Stephanie Beeby, Co-Partner of Ping! Intuitive Communications

More Praise for Steve Frazee

“Steve’s coaching has helped me realize my dreams both in terms of my business and my personal life. His integrity, professional expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and intuition allow him to bring his clients’ deepest aspirations to light and guide them towards their fruition.”

“Steve has been invaluable to me and my family and has been the catalyst in my personal transformation. He has helped me learn. He has helped me understand how to live the thing called life in the way that brings happiness to myself and my family.”

“Steve is honestly one of the best people I have ever known. When I was going through the darkest moments of my financial life, going bankrupt, Steve worked with me through it all. He walked next to me through each and every step, even when I had to lay off my employees. Through our sessions together, I learned one of my life’s greatest lessons…. It is not money that makes us happy, but rather helping others is what brings us happiness. I can honestly say that my sessions with Steve have made me a better person.”

“I’ve been doing personal growth and transformation work for almost a decade. No single coach had a larger impact on me in a shorter period of time. Steve is gentle, effective, and powerful.”

“Steve’s critical discernment and skillful handling of complex systems has provided us the necessary action strategies to bring our vision out of the realm of possibility and into the marketplace.”