Steve Frazee is a champion for good business. He reminded me that business is an act of service for the wellbeing of humanity.

~Conference attendee 2010

Steve Frazee was bold. He told us the old truism, “do what you love and the money will follow,” is a lie. Then he spent the rest of the day teaching us how to be successful doing what we love.

~Conference attendee 2009

Steve’s distinction between mastery and purpose changed how I think about my life and work. I now pay a lot more attention to how I “spend” my days.

~Workshop attendee 2010

Steve Frazee is speaker, writer, business strategy consultant, interim CEO, and social entrepreneur. He started and sold two technology companies and has provided consulting services to Sprint, MasterCard, Costco, 7-Eleven, Paymentech, Circle K, and Microsoft. His technical background is in electronic transaction, digital currency, and data routing systems. He is an active member of the TED community and believes that “good business” holds the key to solving humanity’s most pressing problems.

The topics below are offered as either keynotes or half-day workshops

    Idea Management – Nurturing creativity while still getting stuff done.

    The 5 Stages of Business – Know your stage and make stage appropriate choices.

    Business on Purpose – How mastery and purpose impact a business.

    30,000 Days – Time versus Treasure. Investing your days wisely.

    Planning, Managing and Doing – The balancing act of getting things done effectively.

    The Good Economy – How business can decrease suffering and promote happiness.

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