The Internet Economy

Why doesn’t the economy work like the Internet?

It works more like an old string of Christmas lights.

When one bulb goes out the whole thing flickers.

Tsunamis, corporate failures, and political unrest impact the global economy. Gas prices rise, jobs are lost, and we are left questioning how exposed our families are to a crisis from the other side of the planet.

We have given so much focus to decreasing production costs and increasing profits that we inadvertently put our communities at risk economically. Every community is at risk in some way. Smart communities are beginning to evaluate that risk with an intention to reduce it.

A healthy global economy should be a linked meshwork of smaller holistic economic zones. Geographic borders, originally mapped by geological topography, should give way to boundaries formed by sustainable economic regions with strategies designed to care for local populations. Soon, smart people will begin relocating to communities that have less exposure to global economic variations. Can your community sustain itself in the midst of a global crisis?

Today is my 17,217th day of life, and I’m thinking about how our economy can be more fault tolerant like the Internet.